Family Loitfellner

Familie Loitfellner

Development in the literal sense of the word means peeling off shell by shell in order to get closer to an ever-present core of the matter.

Historic buildings and modern agriculture on the organic farm - contemporary, implemented with a lot of commitment and attention to detail.

Get in touch with the essence of the old farm,
keep developing us and him!
Broaden your horizons and implement visions on the farm.


Being there: With a lot of joy, our experience and our knowledge, we are there to accompany your holiday from the first contact:

Your Loitfellner family

Ingrid Loitfellner-Moser

Ingrid Loitfellner-Moser

  • Farmer from the Steinbachhof
  • Kindergarten teacher
  • Montessori teacher
  • Moto pedagogue
  • Interdisciplinary early intervention and family support
  • University course in early language support
  • Qualified social work accompanying the disabled
  • Case Management Certificate
  • Literature prize of the state of Salzburg for the text “Tabacco”
  • In Rauris founding member of the rhythmic choir Rauris, the photo and writing group "Bildsprache" and the prepaid card "Rauriser Gold"

In addition to working on the farm for many years in kindergartens and in promoting children with developmental problems!

Franz Loitfellner

  • Farmer from the Steinbachhof
  • Master of agriculture
  • Forestry Master
  • Supervisor
  • Forest educator
  • 1990-1996: Bank employee in Rauris
  • Founding member of the "Free Voting Community Rauris"
  • 2000 – 2013 Vice Mayor von Rauris
  • since 2017: CEO of the Salzburg Cattle Breeding Association
Franz Loitfellner

Agriculture and Forestry

Our organic farm is located at 920 m sea level in the national park community of Rauris. We have a pure grassland area, as arable farming is not possible due to the harsh climatic conditions. The court association consists of traditional historical buildings. The house itself is over 330 years old. The barn from 1800 is still used for our animals. Adaptations and expansions for modern cattle farming were achieved through conversions inside and additions outside. The name Loitfellner stands for cattle breeding in the Salzburger Land, especially for Simmental cattle. On average, around 15 dairy cows and around 25 young cattle live on our farm. It is a particular pleasure to be able to present animals from our own breeding at cattle shows and to be rewarded there with awards for consistent breeding work. Brand new - and to everyone's delight - we now have Valais black-nosed sheep on our farm.

Schafe Steinbachhof
Schafe Steinbachhof

Our donky Eselin Antonia Lilly is one of our special centerpieces on the farm.


Wood: the highest quality, diverse raw material for the present and the future. Heat from regional, sustainable forestry.

Forestry in our Friesenlaib forest estate is an important part of the entire Steinbachhof business. With our near-natural management, we strive to promote the fir in particular in the future in order to make our forest with a high proportion of spruce climate-friendly.

The term “sustainability” originally comes from forestry. Working and working sustainably is the top priority in our forestry operation!

Our forestry company Friesenlaib in Goldegg-Weng
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